Composite Disc Coupling

Application Examples

The Composite Disc Coupling offers unique advantages for Motorsport applications, weighing just 55 grammes, with no power loss, no wear and no lubrication required.
Driveshaft systems using this coupling have been competition proven at the highest levels, in applications as diverse as World Rally Cars, the German Touring Car Championship, sports cars and GT’s.  It has even been used in sideshafts for Formula Student cars – enabling complete driveshafts weighing just 900 grammes!
Over 2000 couplings have been produced and supplied for Motorsport, giving a real track record of capability and suitability in applications transmitting up to 600 bhp and 12000 rev/min.  

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Wind turbines
The Spinning-Composites Disc Coupling is a technical breakthrough for wind turbines.  This is a highly demanding application where the requirements for coupling efficiency, operation at high misalignment and low axial stiffness are exceptionally stringent. 
The shaft is installed between the high speed output of the gearbox and the generator, with a normal operating speed of 1500 rev/min.  The gearbox is always compliantly mounted for noise isolation, and movements can be big because of the colossal torque generated by the turbine blades. 
Composite disc couplings are installed as standard in several different applications produced by different manufacturers.  Please contact us for more information, or MK-Tech of Denmark who are our application engineering partner for shaft systems.

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