Capability and Resources
The spinning-composites team benefits from over 20 years of research in composites design, materials and process technologies.  And we have developed specialized manufacturing, design and test resources relevant to our mission as a composite driveshaft specialist.

We have taken out patent applications on important aspects of composite driveshaft technology, for example, an innovative means of absorbing crash energy in automotive composite propshafts.  The composite disc coupling is also proprietary to spinning-composites, and protected by patents.
Finite element – based design models are used to calculate performance of both composite shafts and composite disc couplings.  For composite shafts, the model deals with resonant frequencies and mode shapes, together with torsional strength, torsional stiffness and torsional buckling behaviour.

For composite disc couplings, the model is used to calculate stiffness for any mode of applied loading and is combined with an endurance life model that enables lifetime to be calculated under any installation conditions.
The capability to design and produce high quality composite parts is all very well, but for innovative systems like these it is vital to have the back-up of ability to test their strength and performance.  Spinning-composites has developed its own special purpose test rig used to carry out endurance tests of flexible couplings under conditions of applied torque (up to 10000Nm) and angular misalignment (up to 5 degrees). This is a unique resource, which enables us to specify endurance lives with confidence.